Sifly Agro is a highly experienced enterprise focused on grain processing equipment. Our machinery helps customers by performing various functions for grain products, including pre-cleaning, hulling, separating, grading, whitening, polishing, color sorting, and packaging. Sifly Agro machinery is designed for efficiency and performance. Our products allow users to maximize their grain production capabilities all at a high cost-performance ratio. In addition to high quality equipment, we also offer outstanding service.

Main Products
    1. Drum Sieve
    2. Drum Sieve Drum sieves are used to remove the coarse impurities and other bulk materials from grain in order to protect downstream machines. Its durable and optimized design ensures an efficiency coarse cleaning process and excellent reception capabilities.
    1. Plansifter
    2. Plansifter The plansifter is an efficient cleaning machine integrating aspiration and sieve cleaning to separate grain from impurities with a high throughput.
    1. Flow Weigher
    2. Flow Weigher The flow weigher accurately weighs continuous product flow of grains, pellets, granules, bran, and more, and is an efficient solution for use wherever a strictly accurate continuous weighing is required.
    1. Destoner
    2. Destoner The destoner is designed to separate heavy impurities such as stones and metallic particles from coffee, grain, pulses, and more. It is widely used in food processing and milling industries.
    1. Paddy Huller
    2. Paddy Huller The paddy huller is designed to accurately remove the rice husk. Its vibrating feeder gently guides each grain precisely between two rubber rollers to prevent grain breakage.
    1. Husk Separator
    2. Husk Separator The husk separator, also known as husk aspiration or gravity paddy separator, is designed to separate brown rice from grain mixtures. Its double separation chamber design ensures a better separation effect.
    1. Rice Whitener
    2. Rice Whitener The rice whitener is used to whiten brown rice to white rice by removing the bran. It is widely used in rice milling as well as wheat, barley, and pea processing.
    1. White Rice Grader
    2. White Rice Grader White rice graders are used to classify and grade milled rice by different particle size according to length or thickness. This machine is also suitable for grading other grain types.
    1. Rice Polisher
    2. Rice Polisher Rice polishers are designed to clean the rice surface to improve both appearance and quality. It polishes rice by gently rubbing rice kernels against easy other, so that the milled rice surface is then smooth and clean with residual bran removed.
    1. Optical Sorter
    2. Optical Sorter The optical sorter sorts different rice varieties and removes foreign materials, off colored rice and other impurities mixed with the grains. It is a full color, high capacity sorting machine designed for use with rice, wheat, peas, and other grains.
    1. Weigh Filler
    2. Weigh Filler The weigh filler is designed for the weighing and packaging processes for grain. It supports a variety of packaging, including regular heat seal packaging, woven bag packaging, vacuum packaging, and sack bag packaging.